Reparation fissures de pare-brise

We pride ourselves in performing the best windshield repairs. We use a patented system and once repaired the damaged area will clear up 70% to 95% and the structural integrity of your windshield will be the same or stronger that before your windshield was damaged.Most repairs take less than 20 minutes to perform and are guaranteed for the life of your windshield.

Best of all most repairs are FREE to you. Your Insurance company saves hundreds of dollars each time they do a preventive repair instead of replacing your windshield.

Have windshield rock chip damages professionally repaired right away before the damage spreads. CliniqueFissures will give you prompt courteous service.

type of impacts: 


Stars usually have small legs and their may be several of these small legs emanating out from the impact point. Most stars can be successfully repaired in 20 minutes or less. These types of damages are very prone to cracking and should be repaired right away.


Bulls-eyes usually are circular shaped emanating around the impact point. These are also easily repaired in less than 20 minutes of less. Bulls-eyes repair very well in many cases you will have a hard time finding the repair after it is performed.


Combination Breaks:

Combination breaks are a combination of a bulls-eye and a star break. Some combination breaks have a larger impact point where the rock impacted the windshield. These damages repair very easily. The finished repair may show a little more because of the larger impact point. Combination breaks are usually caused by larger rocks.


Then there are Cracks:

Windshields do not just up and crack. Typically the windshield is impacted by a rock and then goes through a temperature change. Once the windshield heats up or gets cooled quickly the rock chip then expands into a crack. Most other repair shops are limited to 6 inches. CliniqueFissures can successfully repair cracked windshields up to 24 inches. If your windshield starts to crack, call us right away .Cracks can grow clear across your windshield in even a day or two.


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We repair small chips up to a 1 dollar piece